Sean and I talk about immediacy, Lish-ed out energy, autofiction and getting to the real thing in art.
Emma and I talk about story collections, An Exciting and Vivid Inner Life, writing the virtual, and visualising yourself as a sim.
Marlowe and I talk about party girls, microcelebrity, publishing, and fashion.
This is a small update to say that Bad Artist Statements will return. Unfortunately, 2022 has been chaotic and Bad Artist Statements had to take a…
Zarah and I talk about writing as a little peepshow, being sad and bleak, autofiction, and alt-lit.
Hera Lindsay Bird and I discuss everything being embarrassing, online shitstorms, not writing poetry, and the impulse to make art.
Dean and I talk about his recent trip to Italy, ecstatic experiences of art, the state of the novel today, and the return to trad.
Holly Childs and I speak about their new album Gnarled Roots, conspiracy theories, working remotely, parties, and artistic collaboration.
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Bad Artist Statements